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This is Bridgeline.


Made of two facets, Development and Construction, Bridgeline’s mission in bringing visions into reality “with excellence” stems from the commitment of a core staff team of ten and reliable sub-contractors who comprehend Bridgeline’s core mission and the client’s desire after intense collaboration.

The challenge in the industry is that no core construction team in Los Angeles and Orange County appear to focus on projects 100k to ten million, so that is the niche Bridgeline fulfills in the greater Los Angeles basin.


Developers, property owners, businesses and investors are the core market we serve.

The uniqueness of Bridgeline is that we focus on one project at a time with full service to the client by providing designers as part of our team, by providing resources for funding projects and by assigning dedicated personnel for each project. We maintain a positive attitude with
our clients and believe in the old-fashion credo that “The customer is always right”.

We are a local business in the Los Angeles/Orange County market.
We have structural and civil engineers with experts in plumbing, electrical, framing, drywall, heating/cooling, millwork, roofing and concrete. The safety and well-being of all individuals involved in our projects, including our employees, contractors, and the broader community, are of paramount importance.


We prioritize safety measures and best practices to ensure secure construction environments

The Lady Builder is:




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