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Bridgeline Development


“A real estate developer is like a conductor of an orchestra; there are so many moving pieces that need to be arranged: construction, financing, acquisitions, etc. A developer ensures all the facets come together to produce a pleasing result.”


Strategy & Planning ▾

Bridgeline can advise clients, project manage and/or participate as a building partner in the development process. This includes managing the cycle of property acquisition, development, leasing, and asset management. 

Bridgeline DV has deep expertise in assessing a site’s viability and working with stakeholders to structure the deal in a way that benefits all parties. If the property requires rezoning Bridgeline DV starts by facilitating discussions and building consensus amongst public officials, neighbors and building consensus amongst public officials, neighbors, and invested parties, and works to create a plan that aligns all sides for the benefit of the community. If it requires subdividing, Bridgeline DV can increase its options for use through strategic subdivision.


Bridgeline DV can manage the project in all phases of project planning. Our experienced construction managers provide oversight and strategic guidance to keep building projects moving through efficient processes.


Bridgeline DV can offer support during the time period from pre-leasing (leasing prior to building delivery) and stabilization (when the community hits the magical stabilized percent occupied - typically 95%). Bridgeline DV also can assist with the disposition of the asset after development and lease-up (if required).


Bridgeline DV is the developer=builder for your project. 

Managing All Phases ▾
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